Contract Administration

Professional Consultants Certificates

Lenders and mortgage providers will generally only lend on a newly built (or newly converted) property where the property is covered by a warranty scheme or the Professional Consultant's Certificate.

NGF Architects are experienced and qualified in the monitoring of work on site and providing the Professional Consultant's Certificate on completion of residential projects.

Planning Applications

​​NGF Architects can help you develop your project from initial ideas and produce drawings and relavant information to submit a planning application to the local authority.  We deal with all aspects of planning applications including householder, listed building consent, conservation areas and full planning applications..

We also assist with planning appeals if a project has been refused permissions and the client wishes to appeal the decision to the secretary of state.

Building Regulations and Technical Drawings

The Contract Administrator's role is to act as a third party to the building contract ensuring that all parties are adhering to the conditions of the contract.

Types of procurement vary to suite the project type and scale.  NGF Architect's will help their client determine which is the best procurement route for them and their project.

Most building work in the UK is required by law to be controlled under the current Building Regulations under the 1984 Building Act.

NGF Architects will progress your project to comply with the current regulations relevant to your project work.

Technical drawings can be progressed in more detail past building control stage to form tender packages for pricing works by the contractor, such information will provide the contractor with specific details to follow on site when building.